Corporate Charters

A breath of fresh Air for business

Sunseeker Charters offer many corporate charter options for your business, whatever the occasion. Select a heading bellow to find out more, or select an optional itinerary on the right.

Why Charter?
Whatever the occasion, being out on the water is exhilarating. The change of pace and informal environment is a real breath of fresh air, and the Sunseeker name will ensure your charter surpasses everyone’s expectations.
Hospitality and entertainment
Add instant glamour to any occasion by inviting guests to join you on board a Sunseeker. Whether you’re entertaining clients or staff, speeding from port to port or mooring up for drinks in a secluded bay guarantees a memorable day. It’s the perfect way to celebrate pitch wins, reward your key personnel or woo prospective clients.
Team building
Sharing a day on board a boat is a great way to bring people together and get them talking. There are plenty of teambuilding activities your staff can undertake. For example, the treasure hunt around the Solent is always popular.
The privacy provided by the boat is ideal if you’re holding a confidential meeting or negotiating a contract, as it’s a neutral setting away from the distractions of the office.
Special occasions
Make any special occasion absolutely unforgettable with a champagne celebration on board a Sunseeker. Birthdays, anniversaries or wedding receptions, Sunseeker Charters will ensure you share a special day with family and friends in unparalleled luxury and enviable style. For a fine dining experience, you should consider a gastronomy charter, and there are more details over the page.
Attending events
What better way to attend big events, like Cowes Week, than on board a Sunseeker? The boat will give your guests a unique perspective on proceedings as well as the freedom to follow the action. There are hundreds of events throughout the year that are great fun to attend, and we’ve listed a handful opposite.

Sunseeker Optional Itineries

UK Solent Day
i_spinnakerSunseeker Manhattan 70
Day Charter in the Solent, UK
Download PDF

UK Hotel Du Vin

i_hdvDinner, overnight stay and cruise
Download PDF

UK Long Weekend

i_vineyard-1Sunseeker Manhattan 70
Four night Charter
Download PDF


UK Solent Day with Rib

i_vineyard-1Sunseeker Portofino 53
Day Charter in the Solent, UK, with RIB rides
Download PDF

UK Limewood

i_limewoodDinner, overnight stay and spa treatments
Download PDF

Evening Party

i_brownseaislandSuperhawk 48 and Superhawk 43
Cruise and evening party
Download PDF

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